02 November 2007

Some Trees

These are more pictures from Brown County State Park in mid-October.

I like the composition on this one, but as you can see, it was rather cloudy and the lighting wasn't very good.

I like the way the sunbeam falls on the orange tree, making it very bright, and the way it stands out against the dark clouds behind it. But the composition wasn't so good. It should've included more from the top and the right to get the surrounding trees.

Just pretend like it's one photo with both the sunbeam and the good composition of trees. :) Click on them for the gigantic version - I didn't scale down the size, because Kitten42 mentioned wanting to draw from them.


Megadeus said...

I like them. The second one is very nice.

This liquid resizer tool might be of interest to you: link

And look. Apparently you can have Blogger email you when someone replies to your comment now.

MWT said...

Ah neat. I'll keep it in mind.

And I've had blogger set to email me comments for a month or so now. ;) It makes it a lot easier to keep track.

Robert & Ari said...

These are incredible! No wonder Kitten wanted to draw from them. Gorgeous!

Jim Wright said...

Nice, very nice.

The one thing I miss about living in the lower 48 is fall colors. Here in Alaska, the trees simply turn yellow one day, and the next they're bare, then the snow comes.