04 July 2008

Basil Flowers

My basil has gotten a lot taller in the past couple months. "Leggy" is probably a good way to describe them now. They do get full sun in the afternoons but apparently could use more than I can provide. Aside from longer stems and smaller leaves, they've also been flowering.

May 2

Jul 4

Basil flowers are tiny and white. They've decided not to all bloom at the same time on each stalk as I'd hoped, but to go a few at a time.

Now I'm wondering if I should be trimming the flower stalks off so they make more leaves....


Random Michelle K said...

Yes. :)

kimby said...

Your Basil looks great, mine looks..well...like it is being grown in a container by a woman who has no idea of what she is doing!

Megadeus said...

You should name your Basil "Mickey."

As in "Oh, Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind! Hey, Mickey!"


Random Michelle K said...

Now that I have a second to explain...

You want to pinch back flowers on Basil as soon as they appear. Once Basil starts putting energy into flowers (and then seeds) it stops putting that energy into making leaves. Which is not so good or you if you want Basil for your food.

And I'd say that the flowers may be more a cause of the "leggyness" as lack of sun. Like I said, once energy goes into reproduction, everything else goes to hell.

I've heard pregnancy can be like that. ;)