11 September 2008

Things I Remember

I remember the world holding its breath, watching to see what we would do. I remember when we stood at the precipice, on the cusp of world unification, strength in togetherness, so many directions we could go, so many possibilities. All it needed was a great leader with the confidence to take that step forward. And I remember thinking, this man, the one who leads us, is not that man, and he will stumble and fall.

And he did.

I remember the aftermath when "we" decided strength came from standing alone. It's something a great many teenage boys start out thinking but eventually, as they mature, learn better and grow out of. I remember thinking that the one with the most power had not. Many people stall out somewhere along the way, for many reasons. It's unfortunate that one of those had come to that place of power, a scared little boy instead of a true adult.

I remember when we became "we" and eventually not "we." For me, it was when he declared war on "terror" - and I knew we would be tilting at windmills forevermore. That was when he lost me.

But I remember all the hope in that first perfect moment.

What I said last year also still applies.

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Nathan said...

I don't remember which came first, but "War on Terror" wasn't necesarily where I got lost. It was when I heard the boy declare a "Crusade". Yeah, talk about your poor choice of words.

An Englishman in New York said...

Spot on.

Robert A. Sloan said...

LOL -- so, so true! Yep. You knew he'd fall flat on his face and lo, the fall came. Love that line.

Thanks for a refreshing perspective on the unity itself. I was a bit too scared of the unity of paranoid stampede to feel a part of it, but perhaps something good could have come of it.

Jim Wright said...

For me it wasn't a gradual thing, at all.

I went off to war when most of the nation still believed in GWB. I came home a year later, feeling like a hero, only to discover that in the mean time the world had begun to hate us, and the nation had begun to hate GWB. It was a shock.

MWT said...

You're still a hero, Jim. You did a good job out there, and nothing anyone else did can take away from that.

(An action hero if nothing else, at least. ;) )