28 July 2009

Tomatoes, about five weeks later

My tomatoes are doing well. Here they are, happily in their final pots:

And here are some future tomatoes (hopefully):

I haven't decided where they're going when I move, but they probably won't be able to come with me. But that's okay, I have more seeds for later. :)


Tom said...

Tomatoes! I understand dragons like tomatoes. At least, my dragons like pizza!

Eric said...

But, the clueless city boy asks, have you had a harvest yet? Nommy, nommy tomatoes?

And on pizza, I like not just tomato sauce, but also nice tomato slices on top. Oh yeah.

Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Tomatoes here in West Michigan are running late due to the cool July.

Want. Tomato. Sandwiches. For. Lunch.

Dr. Phil

Kate said...

Yay for tomatoe goodness! :D

And they look quite healthy too! :P

Tom said...

So, 1 comment on healthcare, and 4 (before this one) on tomatoes! UCFers have their priorities straight! :)