05 November 2009

Story of my love life

Chapter One

Boy meets girl.
Boy wants to impress girl.
Boy does some sort of astounding feat.
Girl gushes over boy, impressed.
Hooray! :)

Chapter Two

Boy meets boy.
Boy wants to show up boy.
Boy does some sort of astounding feat.
Other boy? Does the same thing, only better!
Boy and boy probably go off to have a beer together.

Chapter Three

Boy meets me.
Boy wants to impress me.
Boy does some sort of astounding feat.
I? If I'm attracted, I want to impress him.
I do the same thing, only better!
Boy slinks off feeling like a loser, never to be seen again.

And thus: I stay away from love lives. :p

1 comment:

John the Scientist said...

"I? If I'm attracted, I want to impress him."

This guarantees that you will have fewer suitors, but they will be of higher quality. But sine the quality coefficient is so low where you live, that may not be the most heartening thing to hear right now. :D

And things work best when you both do things that impress each other but those aren't the same things. At least for the most part.

I didn't realize this as much when my wife and I first met. We're both physical chemists for Pete's sake. We're not going to wow each other with the English major meets geek adoration of "oh, she's so smart because she can do triple integrals" or the bookworm's adoration of the experimentalist "oh, he's so capable, he can sweat copper pipe". We both do kinds of things.

But now that we have kids, the kids point out where we compliment each other. We can both cook, but the wife is better. We can both draw, but the wife is the better artist. If it's about Chinese or Taiwanese ask Mom. Any other language, ask Dad. We can both drive, but if it's snowing, ask Dad. If Mom can't fix something, bring it to Dad, he can fix anything. And if there's a mouse in the house or a fucking snake on the grill, definitely call Dad. :D

What this does is allow for you to impress the guy without life being a constant state of one-upmanship.