04 April 2008

Getting Nothing Done

Things I'm not doing but should:
1. Taxes. They're due in a week and a half.
2. Housework. I've been meaning to wash that pile of dirty pans on the stove for weeks, but since I also never get around to cooking anything (yay restaurants with carry-out!), it hasn't been urgent enough. Also, laundry is going to become an emergency by this weekend. This place could also use a good vacuum and the bathrooms are starting to go downhill again too.
3. Trip planning. As the designated logistics coordinator for my family for our trip to Hawaii in May, I should probably figure out what we're going to do once we're there. (Anyone who's been to Hawaii want to recommend some things? We'll be staying in Waikiki.)
4. Work. I'm not doing nothing at work, but there's massive amounts of procrastination going on there on a number of fronts. A visit to the boat crew to talk minute details at great length about sensor configurations from three to five years ago, for instance. Fortunately, most of the time I stall by doing other stuff that I'm also supposed to do.
5. Writing. I have three stories on the front burners and somehow never get around to working on any of them.
6. Blogging. Nothing has come to mind for days, and although there's a couple half-formed drafts I could finish, I've not been in the mood to finish them. Hence nearly a week of silence here.

Things I'm doing instead:
1. Diablo 2.
2. Fret about pixel dragons.
3. Diablo 2.
4. Occasional Tegaki art.
5. Diablo 2.


Michelle K said...

I went to Hawaii when my aunt & uncle were there for two years. It's ungodly expensive, but was beautiful. If you get the opportunity, you should *really* take a tour of the big island, or else Kawai (sp?)

(I went to the big island on my visit, my brother went to Kawai on his.)

And take lots of pictures.

Otherwise I did family things when I was there (my aunt was pregnant with her 4th kid, so I came out to help with the other three.)

But really, the tour of the big island was amazing. Probably one of the most beautiful things I've seen, and that was a bus tour with little walking, since I went with my grandmother.

Janiece Murphy said...

I lived on O'ahu for 3 years during my active duty days, and I would recommend:

- the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor.
- Tour the USS Missouri (Mighty Mo)
- Tour of the Big Island (if possible - island hopping is expensive). Hawai'i is the largest island, and a tour of the volcano national park is one of the coolest things ever.
- Try to visit the North Shore. There used to be several art galleries up there, and the scenery is lots better than Waikiki.
- The Polynesian Cultural Center is a pretty cool facility, but I believe it may be run and financed by the LDS Church, so if that sort of thing bothers you, stay away.
- Diamond Head Crater
- I'd recommend a boat tour, too, if you can afford it.

Jeri said...

If you like the water, snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, east of Waikiki, is pretty great. Go as early in the morning as you can (sorry, know you're a night owl!) for least crowds and best snorkeling.

Also, even if you have rudimentary skills like me, golfing in Hawaii can be tremendous. I can't recall which were the most economical courses on Oahu, but you can web search that if anyone is interested.

There are lots of bike tours, and you can usually rent bikes locally in Waikiki as well, which is a nice way to get around and enjoy the sunshine.

My very favorite thing I've ever done in Hawaii - and it's expensive and not for everyone - was to invest in an introductory scuba dive. You don't have to be certified, they teach you the basics in about an hour on the ground, then take you under for a 1-tank or 2-tank dive (no deeper than 35 feet). It was amazing... we were surrounded by sea turtles and tropical fish.

And we haven't done our taxes yet either... and usually end up owing thousands so we need to get on it.

Nathan said...

I assembled some more "assembly required" furniture. I got the laundry done. I did some grocery shopping. And I'm gonna have steak and eggs for dinner. Yum.

Never been to Hawaii. I know nothing.