11 April 2008


Dear GA License Plate #ACP-8408, a light brownish Toyota Camry who threw something white and fluttery out their passenger-side window while crossing the Roebling Bridge at 3:53pm today:

The world is not your trash can.

The Saturn behind you



Jeri said...

One of my biggest pet peeves is smokers who drop their cigarette butts wherever they are, stomp them out and leave them laying - in the street, plaza, sidewalk, whatever. The world is not their ash can and no one should have to pick up after them.

Nathan said...

Sorry about that one Jeri, but once upon a time finding ashtrays at the entrances of stores and stuff was as easy as finding a trash can at practically every corner.

I guess the thinking now is that since I'm not supposed to smoke anywhere, I won't have any need to put out the butt when I'm done.