13 February 2009

A Crash of Waves

My original low-resolution scan of a photo I took in southern California in 1994:

I passed a more recent, higher-resolution version of the scan to a friend (Robert Sloan 2), who turned it into art:

It's in soft pastels, for a contest that involves expensive prizes if he wins. He hears back about it probably in April.

Then I sold the high-resolution scan to BigStockPhoto.com. :)

(... and that's pretty much it for "good things that have happened to me this week." The rest of the week has been from blah to crummy.)


Eric said...

Sorry the rest of the week was b-to-c. Hope the weekend is far more excellent!

Rebelcat said...

Wow! Awesome pictures! Your friend is a good painter. I liked the other paintings you showed too.

My week has been pretty crappy too since I was sick most of it. The good thing was that we finally got our phone and TV to work.

Random Michelle K said...


Her vacation photos!


mattw said...

Nessie certainly gets around. :)