18 February 2009

Fox News: News on an informativeness level you'd get from reading my blog (if I ever did news)

Today I went to a pizza buffet for lunch. I foolishly chose a seat right under one of their TVs without checking to see what was playing. It turned out to be Fox News.

I now understand why everyone calls it Faux News. o.O Did any of those people even go to journalism school? What happened to reporting verified facts and all the opposing viewpoints surrounding a newsworthy event in an unbiased manner?

Example: 16 year old girl found dead, another found unconscious nearby, at Fort Lewis (an army base in Washington). Something about drugs and one of the soldiers being involved (no really, that's all the info I managed to get out of their story). Fox News says "well gee, they were civilians, so we don't even know how they got on the base in the first place, I think they have to be escorted by a military person or something? And their IDs get checked? And there's some kind of curfew involved about that but we're not sure." Uhhh. IT'S YOUR JOB TO FIND ALL THAT STUFF OUT BEFORE YOU GET ON THE AIR.

They did have one report that I wanted to hear. Facebook is currently having a debacle about its Terms of Use. I learned this last night because they put up a big sign on everyone's home pages, and also a number of friends had status updates talking about it. I read the sign, then checked their terms of use page, found the problem paragraph, read it, discussed it with a friend, etc. What did Fox News say? "Oh yeah, Facebook is trying to claim ownershp of everyone's info." Uhhhh. No. >.< DID IT OCCUR TO YOU TO READ THE TERMS OF USE THAT YOU'RE REPORTING ABOUT? OR WAS YOUR COMPREHENSION SO BAD THAT ALL YOU CAN DO IS REPEAT THE HEARSAY?

Yeah, I think I'll go back to getting all my news from other people's blogs now.


Janiece Murphy said...

MWT, I'm shocked. Shocked, I say.

I was under the impression that Fox News was fair and balanced. And now you tell me they're not the bastion of journalistic excellence I've been led to believe.

How disillusioning.

Jim Wright said...

I think they gave up any pretense of fair, balanced, or actual journalism long, long ago.

Rubert Murdock isn't interested in any thing that doesn't spew directly from Rush's rectum. As far he is concerned, everything else is just filler.

Megadeus said...

Facebook has since reversed their position on the TOU and reverted to the previous version.

They're working on a new TOU that lets them do basically the same thing, but with less RAAAAAGE from the usernerds.

bakho said...

Journalistic excellence? My, my...and here I thought it was a dying breed. I mean, I've read about it in books. Old books. And heard some people talk about it. Ancient people. But...experience it? Nuh-uh :D

vince said...

FIX News. We make it up. You try to figure out what the truth really is.

MWT said...

Fox News. Talk radio with pictures.