22 May 2009

Trying, trying once again

When it comes to questions of nature versus nurture on the topic of gender differences, transpeople have a perspective that cispeople do not have. We may not be able to articulate what those differences are in a way that doesn't cause cispeople to immediately jump to conclusions about stereotyping, but for us the topic is not an intellectual exercise or a set of abstract theories about the workings of society and culture. We see the differences firsthand, as a part of everyday life.


John the Scientist said...

Stereotypes exist for a reason. Too many modern people have a knee jerk reaction against tropes, without thinking about why those tropes came to be. They think it's open-mindedness, when it's in fact the mathematical inverse of the close-mindedness they are rebelling against.

Extreme feminists and Fundamentalists are two sides of the same coin, and the rest of us try to figure out what works in the middle.

EvilKate said...

Hey - those poor limited cis-folk :)

This brief thought of yours part-inspired me to write a longer one myself. So thanks for that :P