28 February 2010

Articles Written This Month

I've decided to start a new end-of-month feature - list of articles written that month. Herewith, then, are the articles I wrote in February:

Abiotic (Non-Biological) Factors of an Open Ocean Ecosystem
A Review of Yakuza Lords on Facebook
Arctic Ocean Marine Life
The Dragon Cave: A Review
How to plan your city in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom

There was supposed to be one more article about alleles, but it's taking a really long time to make it past the editors. I'm told it'll be up before midnight; we'll see...

I also added some pictures to my micro RNA article from last October: Micro RNA and Gene Expression

My test readers found it confusing when it was just the text. Now they only find it partially confusing. Yay progress! :)

My full list of every article I've ever written is linked to the top left, if anyone is interested.

UPDATE: What Are Alleles? is up now. :) This one was really hard to fit in 500-800 words; either I could answer the title question in 8 words ("alleles are different versions of the same gene") or I could write a textbook about population genetics. In the end I just sort of blathered aimlessly for about 600 words and then stopped there instead of coming to any points. Apparently that was good enough to pass muster at Bright Hub.

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