16 February 2010

Things I Ponder

Would it be better or worse if people could actually talk to other cars on the road? Because, at this point, we've probably reached a point in technology level where we no longer need rely on the honk as our only means of communication.

On the pro side, there could be:

"Your tail light is out."
"You left your gas cap open."
"What's the holdup? Why's nobody moving?" "Because there's a wreck in the intersection."
"All y'all going the other way are about to run into a mile-long jam."

But then, on the con side, there would be:

"You drive like shit." "Fuck you."

Or, for that matter:

"Your tail light is out." "Your tail light is out." "Your tail light is out." "YES I KNOW!"

There could be a way to talk both to individual cars, and to lots of cars at once. But it would have to be quick to pick - trying to type in a license plate number while driving would be a no-go, I think.



Eric said...

Seems like you'd get Gabriel's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory taken to the streets and highways, but maybe I'm just feeling cynical.

Megadeus said...

I have often imagined a sort of "instant messenger for cars" system. In my mind, targeting other cars would be done by laser or infrared pointers aimed at the "target" car or having messages displayed on an LED ticker located somewhere on the sender's car.

Hopefully, my dream will never be realized, because that would be dang annoying.

CAPTCHA: Larin - half of a sore throat.

mattw said...

For me, I would usually be saying "It's 45 miles per hour here. Why are you going 35?" Or, when on a two + lane road and everyone is traveling next to each other at the same speed "Will one of you fucking speed up?"

Whenever my parents would spot someone not using their turn signal they'd say "They must not have put one on that year", so I'm sure there'd be some of that going on.

MWT said...

I've actually had half a sore throat before. One side was sore and the other wasn't. It was very strange. :)

/offtopic >.>

Random Michelle K said...

Oh dear god NO. I don't want people outside my car hearing what I'm saying.

"Green light means GO! GO! GO! GO!"

"Nice fucking turn signal asshole."

"Let me guess, you're from New Jersey. No, New York. Close enough. All you assholes from the New states are rude fuckers."


"Do you need an engraved fucking invitation here?"

I love driving. I really do.

MWT said...

Well, presumably you'd have to press a button to actually send it to another car. ;)

Random Michelle K said...

Oh, like I'd trust the car companies to get THAT right!

Anne C. said...

You do think of odd things, MWT.

WendyB_09 said...

I thought that's what they used to do with CB radios before the truckers took over the bandwidths.