28 June 2007

High School Reunions

My 15-year high school reunion happens in October. I'm in charge of the newsletter again this year, and soon it will be July, when I start collecting update blurbs from people.

I liked the 5-year reunion best so far. We all met up at Drew's farm, which was great for informal picnicking. It had a swimming hole and hiking trails and a tall tower for stargazing.

Also, we all got together as a class over a mailing list and figured it out together. This year, everything was already planned. By the time anything got mentioned to the rest of us, there was nothing to discuss, just registering to do.

This upcoming one is going to include people from the classes of 1997 and 2002. I'm not too excited about that part, since I just want to see the people I know, not bunches of other people I've never heard of. If they had decided to include class of 1993, that would be more exciting, as I actually know them.

Maybe they figure we're all too old to be picnicking at a swimming hole anymore. Now we're supposed to be grownups who dress formally and drink martinis. Oh well. Whatever works I guess.

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