20 June 2007

Thoughts of the Day

Twice a day every weekday, I drive over the most beautiful salt marsh in the world. The drive lasts somewhere between ten and twenty minutes, depending on traffic, and it's a time for a lot of introspection.

Sometimes I think about things happening in my daily life, or the lives of friends and family. Sometimes I think about things going on in the daily news, or about big social or political issues. Sometimes I get highly philosophical. Sometimes it's all just random free association on the days when I'm unable to string together a coherent thought of any length.

This blog will be a collection of those ruminations. When I have time, I'll write out full explanations for exactly what the thoughts are from, what they mean, and why I thought them. Other times I will be too busy to explain, and the posts will be very short and cryptic. Either way, I'll try to write at least one post every day. Let's see how long I can keep this up...

1 comment:

Galenthias said...

To proudly spam where no man (or woman, or thing) has spammed before, I'll have to say that in hindsight it looks as if you have failed to blog every single day, but you have made a quite nice showing anyway.

I used to bike to work before the bike got crappy and I got lazy (in that order) and it was to some extent a time of thinking and rumination. Nowadays I ride a bus, so to work I read the three (yes, three) different daily free newspapers that I can pick up by the bus station, and on the way home I tend to whip out a book. It's only about fifteen minutes either way, so there isn't time for much else anyway. Except possibly thinking, then, but as noticed I don't tend to do much of that.. ;)