26 June 2007

Roadside Corn

I passed a truck at the side of the road selling corn today. I thought about stopping but didn't.

I used to see roadside vegetable stands all up and down the North Carolina coast, back when I drove back and forth between Wilmington and Beaufort, NC, almost every other weekend while doing my masters research (fish ecology). That would've been 1998 or 1999. I thought about stopping then, too, but never did. Back then I had no money. Graduate students generally don't.

Maybe the corn truck will be back sometime when I don't already have too much food in the fridge. Then I'll buy some.

Instead, I have leftovers from a Korean restaurant I went to over the weekend. They aren't kidding when they say their cold noodle soups are cold; mine came with broth ice cubes to make sure it stayed cold while I ate it. The meal also came with five little "side dishes" - kimchee, chili tofu strips, chili cucumber slices, chili radish shreds, and bean sprouts (the only non-spicy item). They go great with plain white rice. Sometimes I wonder if I don't go to that restaurant just to get side dishes.

I like lots of variety in my meals. There's another restaurant, a southern-style diner called Sweet Potatoes that specializes in different things one can make with sweet potatoes, and they have a very wide selection of vegetables. I go there for those. Last time I went, it was for one fish dish (came with two vegetables) and an additional all-vegetable dish (three more vegetables). The leftovers were excellent.

I'll have to go to Sweet Potatoes again sometime soon. In the meantime, tonight's dinner was Korean side dishes with plain white rice.

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Galenthias said...

A soup served with ice? Is it too thick and spicy to begin with, or will the ice turn it all watery and stuff? Or is the ice actually frozen bits of yesterday's soup saved and served again? (Would be fairly clever, actually)

Fresh vegetables? For lack of a good farmer's market (or at least any we know about) and due to general laziness we actually have such home delivered to us each tuesday. We get a box of assorted goodies (a few pounds worth) and then I order some apples and other stuff as well. Rather expensive for sure, but they are grown ecologically and they are fresh (and delivered to our door) so they are more tempting and they are making us eat more vegetables by their silent demand that "we are expensive and ecological, eat us." Or something like that. They are fun, at least. Used to be that we got a bigger box that included exotic fruits, but there were so many bananas in those boxes that they would manage to grow old (since the kids want their bananas green), so now I order a cheaper box with just vegetables and add a side order of apples and sometimes some bananas or grapefruits or something. Still ends up cheaper, and works better for us. :)