30 June 2007

Quality-controlled portrait galleries on community websites

Well, today's thoughts both ways were taken up by an argument on RPoL about the portraits gallery. Namely, someone wants to be able to link to outside images from anywhere, and insists that this privilege wouldn't be abused with flagrant copyright violations, porn, or otherwise inappropriate material. The moderators disagree. The admin has decided against (at least for now). The arguer is ... shall we say, having a difficult time accepting this decision.

My own idea is to let the discussion drop for the time being. When it comes up again (and it will, because this particular discussion comes up regularly), I'll propose a perk for people who choose to donate to the site when the admin introduces the subscription scheme. That is: have RPoL make arrangements with a dedicated image-hosting server. (At the moment all of the images are hosted by two volunteers, who are footing the monthly bills for them.) Subscribers (or subscribers who are above a certain level of donation) (or subscribers who optionally choose to spend additional money for it) may have space on this server to put images that they can use in games they GM. Anyone found abusing the space will have it removed with no refund.

It's still half-baked at the moment, but hopefully will be thought out more fully by the time it comes up again.

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