21 September 2007

Learning Croatian

"Bok" is hello.
"dovidenja" is goodbye. There's a small horizontal bar through the second d.
"Zdravo" or "pozdrav" can be either hello or goodbye, and means something like "be healthy."
"Bik" is bull.
"Krava" is cow.
"laku noc" is good night. "laku" is the gender-neutral form of "lako," which means "easy." There's a / above the c.
"dobro jutro" is good morning.
"dobar dan" is good afternoon.
"dobra vecer" is good evening. There's a v-shaped thing above the c in vecer.
("good" is: dobar, dobra, dobar; dobri, dobre, dobra ... dobar, dobroga, dobrome, dobrim, dobri, dobrim (singular masculine forms) ... about twenty total depending on case and gender o.O)
"dob" means age.
"i tebi isto" is "to you too." (i = and, tebi = you, isto = the same)
"uzivaj u stargateu" means "enjoy Stargate."
"sedam patuljaka" means "seven dwarves"
"hej haj" would be the equivalent of "hi ho"
"vidimo se poslije" means see you later.
"idem u krevet" means "to go (singular present) to bed"
"dobar tek" would be analogous to "bon appetit."

ja = I
mi = we
on = he
ona = she
ono = it
oni = they
ti = you
vi = y'all
Vi = formal singular you

"riba ribi grize rep" is "fish fish's bites tail" or "A fish bites a fish's tail."
"gore gore gore, a gore gore dolje" means "the high mountains are torched, but the hills are burning down there."

"stvarno si postao pravi mali Hrvat" means "you have really become a true little Croatian."

Croatian alphabet

25 Oct - Some from a Serbian:
(8:03:11 PM) serbian: breakfast=dorucak
(8:03:24 PM) serbian: lunch=rucak
(8:03:31 PM) serbian: dinner=vecera
(8:06:30 PM) serbian: cat=macka
(8:06:40 PM) serbian: girl=devojka
(8:06:48 PM) serbian: nice=lepa
(8:07:06 PM) serbian: beautiful=prelepa
(8:07:33 PM) serbian: love=ljubav
(8:09:34 PM) serbian: hate=mrznja
(8:09:42 PM) serbian: dog=pas
(8:09:59 PM) serbian: ugly=ruzan
(8:10:14 PM) serbian: terrible=strasno
(8:10:56 PM) serbian: and cool=opusteno
caos = bok :)


Megadeus said...

Why are you learning Croatian, out of curiosity?

MWT said...

No particular reason. Bakho is Croatian and he keeps telling me new words and phrases, so I thought I'd put them somewhere where I can refer to them. It all started because I liked "bok." ;)

Jim Wright said...

Cool. I suck at languages, and I admire anybody who can learn new ones, especially languages that are not common in the US, like Croation. Never know when that might be handy.

MWT said...

I suck at them too. But getting a new word or phrase every other day seems to be slow enough for the likes of me. ;) Probably I'll hit my limit on language learning if we ever start talking in-depth grammar.