10 September 2007

Pylon Bunny

pylon bunny avatar

This is an ASCII bunny made out of Protoss pylons.

Protoss pylons are from the real-time strategy computer game Starcraft. The Protoss are one of three races in the game setting, and pylons are their basic building for supporting troops and powering other buildings.

An ASCII bunny looks like this:

(\(\       <-- ears
(o.o)     <-- head with two eyes and a nose
(")(")    <-- feet bottoms (bunny is seated)

Although I wasn't the first or only person to draw ASCII bunnies in Brap's Battlenet channel, somehow they became my trademark.

One day, while I was watching a lengthy free-for-all game between seven other people (map was "Continental Divide"), I got bored and started drawing things. My bunny turned out large enough to be visible on the game minimap:

A while later, LittleMinions (in teal on the minimap) came along with his horde of Zerg (another Starcraft race) and wiped it out with great enthusiasm. He went on to win the game. Luckily for me, the game has a "replay" feature - where one can save an entire game to watch again later. I took numerous screenshots and assembled the bunny in Photoshop:

assembled pylon bunny

A few years after Brap ceased to be, I submitted it to RPoL's portrait gallery. They cleaned off the game-related bits and made the background a uniform green. And now I use it as one of my regular identifying avatars.

pylon bunny avatar


Anonymous said...

i am an original brapper and remember littleminions quite well. i miss him.


Anonymous said...

nerwen? lol.

MWT said...

Hi Tess. :) Yes, I'm Nerwen.

I haven't seen LM log into the IMs in quite a while. Guess life is keeping him busy.

How's yours going? Long time no hear.