26 September 2007

So ... what do marine scientists do while sailing the high seas?

(more info about the video plus a download link)

This is a montage of photos and videos taken from research cruises in New Hampshire. The whole thing is set to Ice, Ice, Baby. I've done virtually everything mentioned in it at some point or another. :)


janiece.murphy said...

I see marine researchers are just as inane and bored at sea as Navy sailors.

MWT said...

Haha yep. :)

Megadeus said...

Interesting. Your next task is to create a video like this one of you and your co-workers.


MWT said...

Alas they're not taking me on most of the more recent cruises, so I lack footage. :( Also, they've tended to be packed solid with mission objectives with no time to do much else.

Jim Wright said...

What Janiece said.

I think that is better than most of music video on MTV, it sure as hell is better than the original Vanilla Ice video by a long shot.

Thanks, MWT, now I'll have Ice Ice Baby playing in head all day.

MWT said...

Pleasure's all mine, Jim. ;)

The video is making the rounds through all the marine research type places now.