21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day

I said profound stuff about my father last year. This year, in the face of sudden major life upheavals (more on that in a future post when I can say something organized), this is all I have to offer:

Edy's uses corn syrup as an ingredient in their ice cream! o.O Never again will I stray from my stand-by of all-natural Breyer's.

(Which is an ironic profundity (or profound irony) in itself, about finding something you like and sticking with it from then on.)

Now, back to my bowl of butter pecan...


Eric said...


I did not want to know that. I like Edy's. I love their Girl Scout flavors. Dammit.

MWT said...

Sorry. <.<

I had to look when I discovered that my Edy's butter pecan ice cream had this bizarre taste of green tea to it. Turns out it was the taste of corn. I bought some Breyer's post-haste. The Edy's is going into the work fridge with a sign saying "free." >.>