22 June 2009

Why no, it ISN'T supposed to be normal for this to happen

To the lovely young (white) couple standing in line ahead of me, who recognized and began a lengthy, enthusiastic conversation with the lovely young (white) couple standing in line behind me:

The polite thing to do would've been to offer to let me move ahead of you in line, instead of talking through me like I don't exist.

The totally dismissible Asian person standing directly in the middle of your happy little group

p.s. The whole, shake hands around me thing, that was a bit over the top, even for normal non-acknowledgement of my existence.



vince said...

Truthfully, I don't think it would have mattered much to either couple if you were white. They knew each other, they didn't know you, so you didn't count.

I've had this happen to me (group in front, one person in back)and been asked if the person behind me could join the group in front of me. I felt like being snarky, but decided I could be the adult, and agreed.

Rude people suck. Sorry they were so rude to you.

MWT said...

A while earlier, an old white guy allowed me to move into a grocery aisle before him. He smiled, nodded, and said "excuse me."

I wanted to thank him for acknowledging my existence because it was so unexpected. That's how routine this is to me.

Shawn Powers said...


Sorry, I tripped over the blog. I didn't notice it there.