11 December 2007


(picture compliments of my brother, who has declared me weird for wanting it)
Meet Doggie. He was our most beloved pet. He was named after the stuffed dog in They Cage The Animals At Night by Jennings Michael Burch, which my mother read when we were children, and in turn told to us a little at a time during our afternoon naps. He once won first place in a dog show in the stuffed dog category.

Nowadays he lives with my mother. I think he spends his days guarding the end of her bed.

(This post was inspired by Janiece Murphy's giant schnauzer Boogie, who is big and black and recently seen on a white light-colored! couch futon!.)

UPDATE: For all the people landing here looking for a picture of Burch's doggie: 8th picture here. :p


Jim Wright said...

Ain't no way I could sleep with yon beasty on the end of the bed. Staring at me as I try to sleep. Staring with those cold, dead, button-like eyes. Waiting. Watching...

Megadeus said...

Yay for stuffed doggies. I have one of my own that Zephyr gave me. That's a mildly interesting story, I think. I might have to take a photo of him and post it on my LJ.

And you should ask Zephyr about El Tigre sometime. ^_^

Janiece Murphy said...

You saw Boogie on a white couch? How very odd, since we don't have one.

Cool stuffed dog, though. My childhood stuffed toy was a bear named "Spinoza."

Alcar said...

I have this preference for stuffed dragons, though they're entirely decoration.

But there is this part of me than, when I see any huge stuffed animal, just wants it because they're so big and fun. I have, so far, resisted it. If only for lack of space.

MWT said...

Jim: he's just waiting for the right moment to lick you with that bright red tongue. :D

Megadeus: yay for stuffed animal stories! I shall look forward to seeing it (them, if you poke Zephyr into also writing one).

Janiece: Huh. It's at least a light-colored couch, isn't it? Maybe it was the flash that made it look white. Either that or Boogie has been gallivanting around to other people's living rooms while you're not looking...

Alcar: I have a weakness for just about any stuffed animal that's cute and cuddly enough. There are smaller ones scattered everywhere in here and at work, and when it comes to nature preservation charities, I've found I'm most likely to donate if they're offering a stuffed animal as the bribe. Oddly, no stuffed dragons thus far.

Janiece Murphy said...

MWT, it wouldn't surprise me to discover that Boogie's been galivanting on other people's furniture. He's really the sweetest thing (although he's dumber than a stump), and just loves most people. And if you have treaty-treats, well, then his family is just chopped liver and he's your new, best friend!

I think the picture you're referring to is him lying on the futon, which has a tan Navajo print. It's the only furniture he's allowed to be on. I have no intention of sharing the coach I sit on with a 95 lb Boogie-Dog.

Megadeus said...

Yeah, MWT, you don't see many "save the dragons" campaigns anymore. They kind of dropped the ball on those back in the Middle Ages, I suppose.