04 December 2007

Universal health care in the U.S.

We actually do have universal health care here in the U.S. already.

It's in the form of public hospital emergency rooms. Those are taxpayer-funded and aren't allowed to turn anyone away, which is why the poor and uninsured go to them in such large numbers and not always for emergencies.

I think we need a better universal health care system now.


Janiece Murphy said...

You think?

Our health care system is disgraceful.

Not that I'm opinionated, or anything.

Jim Wright said...

I'm with Janiece (as usual, go figure).

Surely we can do better?

Shawn Powers said...

Yep, can't turn anyone away, and those that come (like you mention, even for non-emergencies) get their credit even more borked. They go further down the, "underprivileged spiral", and are that much more unlikely to be financially (and socially) successful.

Yep, health care is broken.