02 March 2008

On Giant Armed Squirrels and Giant Chocolate Turds: A Photo Retrospective

Once upon a time, Anne C. made some giant crunchy peanut butter balls:

I questioned the giantness of the crunchy peanut butter ball, and in reply she provided scale:

I opined that were I to eat such a giant crunchy peanut butter ball, I might end up looking like this dead squirrel:

This led to a clamor for pictures. Thusly: although I haven't, in fact, partaken of any giant crunchy peanut butter balls, Megadeus nevertheless presents you with a picture:

(Note: it might be helpful to know that in some circles my alter ego is a bunny.)


Eric said...

And now for a completely random comment apropos of nothing:

I finally saw your comment at Stonekettle Station, MWT, saying that Rebelcat needed to be invited--

Rebelcat, come on down! Ye gods, of course you're invited! By all means, comment if you haven't already! Now I feel bad that you thought you needed an invitation!

And now back to your... photos of... turds. Right.


Nathan said...

Turd-brittle. Yay!

Nathan said...

Oh, and Rebelcat,

You don't need any invitations at my place either.

Michelle K said...

Wait, we're supposed to beg for commenters?

That explains what I've been doing wrong for so long.

And that squirrel picture makes me grin every time I see it.

Rebelcat said...

I think I'd be dead too if I ate all of that ;).

And no, Michelle, you don't have to.
MWT suggested that I should comment in Eric's blog. But I didn't want to intrude. I'm not a blogger.

Eric said...

Neither are Wellsian or my sister, both of whom have left comments in the past. Me blog has open comments to anybody who wants to drop a line in edgewise. Ye don't need to be a blogger to say yer piece, matey.

(I'm a pirate!)

Anne C. said...

FYI, oh Giant Turd Brittle naysayers, the GTB is slightly more than an 1" in diameter.
But if you don't want any, all the more for me! ;)

MWT said...

Hey, I said nothing about not wanting any. I'd just have to pace myself. ;)

Janiece Murphy said...

Rebelcat, you are also invited to my place, to comment if you wish, or not. The only requirement is that you're not a troll. Which clearly, you're not. At all.


Nathan said...

Anne said GTB. I don't know the symbol for how much that made me laugh.

Rebelcat, I spent a year as a lurker. Then probably two years as a non-blogger commenter. Now a couple of months as the most popular blogger in the blogosphere. (I've got at least 12 readers.) Comments are the only way I know I'm not talking to myself. Pleeeeeeze comment. Even to tell me I'm a twit.

Michelle K said...

Having a blog has nothing to do with commenting.

Heck, you can say you comment so you don't HAVE to have a blog! You get all the fun without having to maintain your own place!

Rebelcat said...

If I ever have anything clever to say (happens rarely which MWT should know by now), I might comment.

But all this talk about coming on down makes me nervous. It makes me want to scream "Don't go down to the basement!!" I hope this "down" isn't a basement with a serial axe murderer...