31 January 2009

Big Machines

What caught my attention about Warrel Dane's cover of Lucretia, My Reflection was, first, the singer's growly voice and impassioned lyrics, and second, the fact that the opening lines reminded me of Billy Joel's No Man's Land.

(actual song starts at 0:39)

Both talk about being near big machines, and at the time I couldn't remember what No Man's Land was about. Though someone better at BS than me could probably make a profound statement about the similarities between empires and suburbs.

Anyway, it turned out to be a cover of a Sisters of Mercy song.

I've never been a big fan of Sisters of Mercy (a classic goth band), possibly because I once had to listen to one of their albums on repeat every week for several months. It was the mood music for our Vampire: the Masquerade tabletop until I finally complained about it. After that we tried other music until we finally settled on silence.

Maybe what I really need is metal versions of all of their songs. ;)


Rebelcat said...

I think I prefer the original version. But then again, I'm a big Sisters of Mercy fan.
Not that the cover was bad. I just think it's good enough as it is.

vince said...

I'm a Sisters of Mercy fan as well, but listening to anything like you had to listen would burn me out on it.

Random Michelle K said...

I really like the Sisters of Mercy. But I'm pretty sure that I couldn't stand to listen to a single album over and over again.

Had these people never heard of making multiple mix tapes?!

Rebelcat said...

Hmmm...we listened to a band called In Slaughtered Natives when we played the horror RPG Kult. It really sounded like the soundtrack to a horror movie with a lot of noises. For some reason it was much better than if we had listened to something I really liked. Inslaughtered natives was more a background of sounds than music.