05 January 2009

Gift from Afar

The first thing I saw upon my return home from Indiana was a small, cylindrical package wedged precariously into my mailbox. I pulled it out. It moaned at me. o.O

The brown paper wrapper was plastered with Swedish stamps. There was barely room on it for anything else - the sender's address was crammed into a corner, as was a tiny note that said "package contains NOISE." Yes, yes it did - and the thing continued to moan as I pried apart an enormous quantity of tape, both outside the package and all over the green tissue inside, until I got to the yellow plastic bag and finally to the culprit itself.

It's a souvenir from Sweden. The pictures are of moose in pine valleys, with "Sweden" in three languages running around the bottom. And it moos. ;) Thanks, Galenthias and Rebelcat!

(There was going to be video of it mooing, but Blogger video upload isn't cooperating. If it's not finished uploading after 19 hours, I assume it was really just showing me the progress icon for fun...)


Jeri said...

This is probably a really silly observation - but most Blogger users I know upload their video to Youtube or another video hosting site, then just embed the link code in their Blogger post. :)

And - way cool gift.

MWT said...

Yeah I know - but the Blogger upload is a smaller video window, and I don't want to put it on Youtube, and and ... meh. T.T

Rebelcat said...


I'm glad it arrived! I was afraid that it might have been opened and examined by the mail office. I wonder what they thought if they heard the noise...

Hope everything is fine with you. I want my internet connection back so I can chat again :((.

(Posting from work atm...)

MWT said...

Ah, you finally came by. :) Glad to see you're still alive. Yep, chat has been pretty quiet without you two in it.

Rebelcat said...

The stupid internet company can't give us a date for when we can get the connection back. But I'm on msn at work from time to time. And read your blog at coffeebreaks.

We'll be back to chat. One day....some day...

Galenthias said...


I am also glad that it arrived.

Internet cable should come tomorrow, service by Tuesday and some speed for the connection on Wednesday.

Or so we hope.. ;-)

Anyway, it is an alluring moan. It has a "more-ish" quality, at least for the small ones over here. (They plastered themselves to the stand of soundmakers when we were in the store.)

Anyway(2), hope to see you again. Have a nice day. :)

MWT said...

Yay progress in the direction of home Internet access! :)