16 January 2009

There's a cat outside...

It wants to know if I can play with it.

Or it wants to eat me. I'm not quite sure. It stares at me while I'm sitting around at the computer, then goes into stalking mode. A friend says that means it wants to move in. Which I'd be fine with, but the complex management wouldn't. :(


Shawn Powers said...

Feed it. It'll never go away. Also, you might get to pet it. :)

And if it gets leaky like Jim's cat -- hey, it's outside!

Eric said...

The management won't let you have one cat?


MWT said...

No pets are allowed at all, not even if I pay a deposit. :(

(Well, except fish. Someday I'll actually manage to restart my 20 gallon.)

vince said...

That kinda sucks. The management not allowing a pet even with an additional deposit. I mean, I've seen what some people let their pets do, so I understand their position, but still.

I really enjoy my joint custody cats. They have their moments (usually "get your ass up and feed me even though the bowl isn't empty - it's morning, dammit!) and the occasional barfed-up hairball. But they sure add to my life.