14 January 2009

A Blurt: I Suxxorz

You know how sometimes you have a great idea for a blog post, but for some reason or other, don't actually write it for a few days - and then by the time you do get around to it, the great idea has magically morphed into a really dumb idea?

Yeah. That's why I haven't yet done the post I was originally going to do last Saturday, before the one that's there turned out to need to get out of my system first. I'm trying to convince myself that it's at least a good idea.

I suxxorz. T.T

1 comment:

Jeri said...

See, that's the problem with blurting. You gotta blurt it when you think of it, before your internal editor can get its teeth into it. Then it's all over...

We look forward to seeing it, whatever it was, in its eventual state.