06 January 2009

Soups (and some other things)

Behold! I have recipes. :) Mostly soup, some semisoup, one at the end that's not a soup at all.

vegetable beef barley soup

chicken noodle soup

spinach tofu soup

lentil chili

spiffed up ramen noodles

spiffed up canned tomato soup

canned clam chowder as a pasta sauce


These are all on eHow, where I've been writing how-to articles since last July. I have 29 total articles so far (on lots of things, not just soups) and have made about $30 on them. Not the most lucrative, but better than I would've expected. ;)

(update: eHow and I had shall we say a falling-out back in May 2011, and now the links point to places on this blog and another one.)


mattw said...

The way they're set up, I can't help thinking of that song from Sesame Street "One of these things is not like the other." :)

Those do look good for a cold winter day, although it would appear you don't cold winter days.

MWT said...

Heheh. Yeah, I like that theme too. ;)

It does get cold here occasionally, and I fully expect it will be closer to freezing in February for at least a few weeks. On the other hand, maybe our cold snap in late Nov-early Dec was "winter" for this season.