28 January 2009

On consumer surveys

    Dear Shopper,

    Once in a while we carefully select individuals in your community - those whom we feel represent the smartest, most value conscious shoppers. Then we use some of our research budget to find out exactly what these smart shoppers really want.

    If our hunch is right, you are such a person.


    When you speak your mind, better products get to market. The companies are happy. Consumers are happy. It's really that simple.



    Letter with a Consumer Survey where 90% of the Products Don't Apply To Me

I really only have one thing on my mind at the moment. Russer's roast beef was the most awesome pre-packaged deli-sliced roast beef EVER. It was the only one that didn't include sodium nitrite as an ingredient, and the taste was outstanding. It has disappeared from all of my local grocery stores. If the reason it's gone is because Russer has stopped making it, then the opinion on my mind is that they should BRING IT BACK.

I think that covers it.

Beyond that: I used to get paid in cold, hard cash to do these surveys. Now all that's on offer is coupons to products that I don't use, and auto-entries into sweepstakes. I much preferred the cash.

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mattw said...

Cash for surveys is nice. I got paid a few bucks to watch a commerical and comment on it once. I don't remember what the commerical was for, I just remember that I was younger than I should have been for the survey (they wanted someone at least 18) and the mom in the commercial was creepy.