23 January 2009

Now it's real

Seeing this picture is what brought home for me that President Obama is now really our president. Here he is, not speechifying or being in the spotlight of any ceremonies, but sitting behind a desk and doing his new job.

It's a nice thing to see. :)

(The picture is of him signing an order to close Guantanamo. I stole it from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. I'm pleased about that, too. (The Guantanamo closing, not the theft.))


Nathan said...

I don't think anyone will take you to task for stealing the picture. Steal it LOUD. Steal it PROUD!

Eric said...

The man really has hit the ground running, hasn't he? And I'm thrilled.

I'm also inordinately excited by the fact he'll be keeping his Blackberry. Yes, security is going to be a bitch, but that small thing effectively makes Obama the first President of the 21st century (and no, that's not meant to be a partisan knock).