02 January 2009


This is what my mother needs to sing about my brother.

It's from the Buffy Musical - a hit for Buffy fans, possibly makes no sense to non-fans since it's a non-self-enclosed part of a larger story arc. Yes, I really am nerd enough to listen to that as an actual musical from time to time, and occasionally watch the extended version that I have on tape. The very first time they aired it, for a total of 1:20 rather than the usual :45 (or whatever it is), it had a ballet sequence with Dawn that got completely cut in all later airings. As did a couple of Spike's verses. I'm glad I have a copy.

(None of which was the original point of the post, but I wasn't planning to explain further, so I guess this post is just going to look like a non-sequitur of itself.)

((I probably shouldn't write blog posts immediately after 11-hour road trips.))

Hrm. Upon further research, it seems that they've also since replaced Tara's original singing. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

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kimby said...

One of my fave Buffy episodes ever!