12 January 2009

My Art Collection

My friend Robert is an artist. He posts what he does, artwise, on his blog on a regularly basis, and eventually I succumbed to temptation and bought some. Here's what I've amassed so far.

ACEO Forest Blessing
This one, called Forest Blessing, I like for the way the sun rays filter through the trees. I love that when I'm seeing it in real life.

Island Tree LE print
Island Tree came as a free bonus when I bought Forest Blessing. I had a choice of three, and I liked this one best for the loneliness of the tree and the blue of the sea.

I don't actually have Seven per se. This was part of a deck of cards project, where 54 artists were assigned a number and a suit (or joker), and asked to draw something. (Some of them were better about staying on theme than others.) Robert got seven of spades, and drew seven marbles. I bought two of the decks and gave one to my brother for Christmas. He liked it, thought it was a really cool idea.

I also have Peregrine Falcon, which came as a free bonus with one of the card decks.

And finally:
Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise is on its way in the mail. I love the colors on it, and he says he put it in a good matching frame. I'm looking forward to seeing it. It's also featured on his new website about oil pastels. He's hoping someday to be rich and famous with his art, so if that happens, I'll be rich too. :)

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