22 December 2013

Why I think I'm better than everyone else

So I just read Why you think you're better than everyone else on io9.com, and decided to put my response to it over here instead.

The last good book I read was a Pratchett Discworld, and I read it because it was easy and entertaining. I don't know what other people read or why. I assume they read things because they like them.

I now think I'm better than everyone else because the point of view described in that article is completely foreign to me. I don't really grok being that judgmental about what strangers do, nor that level of lying to myself.

There is probably only one thing I'm really good at, that I'd call intrinsic. I'm outstanding at evoking epiphanies in other people. Doesn't happen often, but recognizing the moment that someone is at the right crossroads for me to say the right thing (what they need to hear to cross to the other side, even if I don't understand it myself) at the right time, is something that happens to me a lot.

I am also happy once again to not work in the corporate world. A while back I read some articles in a magazine aimed at for-profit middle management type people, and the kind of thinking that goes on with them, with all the convoluted mental games, is something I'm glad to continue to avoid.