01 January 2014

What was the best part of 2013?

Someone on Facebook put that question out there as his status, and I couldn't actually think of any one thing that really stood out as "best."

I can think of lots of things that were good, but they mostly weren't individual events.

I can also think of lots of things that were bad, many of them actual events, but nothing that stands out as "worst."

I guess overall my life chugged along nicely. :)

Single most eventful event? Well, I finally decided it was time to quit Battle Pirates, after 2.5 years of devoting nearly my entire life to the community of people that had built up around the game. The game itself had stopped being much fun a long time ago, but it took a while before I was ready to try to leave my people. That was Dec 28. So far I'm still holding strong. I can't call it best or worst yet, because it isn't done happening.