28 February 2010

Articles Written This Month

I've decided to start a new end-of-month feature - list of articles written that month. Herewith, then, are the articles I wrote in February:

Abiotic (Non-Biological) Factors of an Open Ocean Ecosystem
A Review of Yakuza Lords on Facebook
Arctic Ocean Marine Life
The Dragon Cave: A Review
How to plan your city in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom

There was supposed to be one more article about alleles, but it's taking a really long time to make it past the editors. I'm told it'll be up before midnight; we'll see...

I also added some pictures to my micro RNA article from last October: Micro RNA and Gene Expression

My test readers found it confusing when it was just the text. Now they only find it partially confusing. Yay progress! :)

My full list of every article I've ever written is linked to the top left, if anyone is interested.

UPDATE: What Are Alleles? is up now. :) This one was really hard to fit in 500-800 words; either I could answer the title question in 8 words ("alleles are different versions of the same gene") or I could write a textbook about population genetics. In the end I just sort of blathered aimlessly for about 600 words and then stopped there instead of coming to any points. Apparently that was good enough to pass muster at Bright Hub.

19 February 2010

And now for something completely different

I've actually been tired of my old blog template for a really long time now, but was not tired enough to overcome my inherent laziness when it comes to actually changing it. Until now, apparently. Because I just now saw the "Edit Pages" tab and thought: "ooo. I should do something with that."

It occurs to me that both General Comments and My Dragons ought to have been pages, if pages had existed at the time I made those posts. There doesn't seem to be any way to move them over, however.

Anyway: the biggest thing that annoyed me about the previous template was the width. Pictures refused to sit next to each other unless I forced them to - and then they'd go off the edge of the post area. This current template doesn't have that problem, so it's already a step up. :)

I might fiddle with the color scheme later on. Or not. I can feel my inherent laziness already setting back in again....

16 February 2010

Things I Ponder

Would it be better or worse if people could actually talk to other cars on the road? Because, at this point, we've probably reached a point in technology level where we no longer need rely on the honk as our only means of communication.

On the pro side, there could be:

"Your tail light is out."
"You left your gas cap open."
"What's the holdup? Why's nobody moving?" "Because there's a wreck in the intersection."
"All y'all going the other way are about to run into a mile-long jam."

But then, on the con side, there would be:

"You drive like shit." "Fuck you."

Or, for that matter:

"Your tail light is out." "Your tail light is out." "Your tail light is out." "YES I KNOW!"

There could be a way to talk both to individual cars, and to lots of cars at once. But it would have to be quick to pick - trying to type in a license plate number while driving would be a no-go, I think.


15 February 2010

Thought for the Day

To "agree to disagree" means "I understand and respect your point of view, but I still disagree." Which happens when everyone knows what everyone else thinks and why, and also knows that everyone else knows what they think. Also, that part about respect is kind of key.

This is not the same thing as "Let's just talk about something else now."

10 February 2010

My thoughts about Teabaggers and other neoconservatives

Once upon a time there was an alternative rock band called Creed. They made lots of great music that was very popular.

One Last Breath from Whisper (2001)

Then one day for no apparent reason, they suddenly broke up. Not long after that, like the very next day, there was a new band, called Alter Bridge. Completely different and separate from Creed in every (legal) way.

Open Your Eyes from One Day Remains (2004)

It was made up of every member originally of Creed except one. I guess they didn't want him to be a part of them anymore. And they lived happily ever after.

Somewhere in that tale there's a lesson to be learned, I think. Especially for the current Republican Party.

Note: the above version of events is how I heard it as a casual fan of alternative rock. I'm not a hardcore Creed/Alter Bridge fan and probably there are lots of additional details to the story that aren't accounted for in this post. Also, there's a sequel: five years after they disbanded, they reunited last year. Which could also have analogies to the current GOP after some growth and maturity occurs...

Overcome from Full Circle (2009)