10 February 2010

My thoughts about Teabaggers and other neoconservatives

Once upon a time there was an alternative rock band called Creed. They made lots of great music that was very popular.

One Last Breath from Whisper (2001)

Then one day for no apparent reason, they suddenly broke up. Not long after that, like the very next day, there was a new band, called Alter Bridge. Completely different and separate from Creed in every (legal) way.

Open Your Eyes from One Day Remains (2004)

It was made up of every member originally of Creed except one. I guess they didn't want him to be a part of them anymore. And they lived happily ever after.

Somewhere in that tale there's a lesson to be learned, I think. Especially for the current Republican Party.

Note: the above version of events is how I heard it as a casual fan of alternative rock. I'm not a hardcore Creed/Alter Bridge fan and probably there are lots of additional details to the story that aren't accounted for in this post. Also, there's a sequel: five years after they disbanded, they reunited last year. Which could also have analogies to the current GOP after some growth and maturity occurs...

Overcome from Full Circle (2009)


Eric said...

The biggest, funniest (or possibly saddest, if you like Creed) detail that you left out: before Creed broke up and reformed and they got a different name (to paraphrase a Ben Folds Five song), the member you refer to was sucking so hard--showing up to shows drunk and incoherent, falling down onstage, forgetting lyrics--that a number of fans who'd attended Creed concerts tried to sue the band for sucking in an attempt to get their tickets refunded.

True story.

Not sure if there's a lesson in there for responsible or sensible Republicans or not....


screasts: the bosom of a horror-movie "scream queen" such as the young Jamie Lee Curtis.

Eric said...

(Here's a link to Rolling Stone's initial coverage of the suit. IIRC, it ended up being dismissed. It was still funny while it lasted, though. But then I'm not, shall we put it mildly, a Creed fan. :) )

dizat: How Buster Poindexter indicates what he wants to wear on his head. See also: datat.

MWT said...

Actually I think that makes the analogy to teabaggers work better. ;)