22 November 2007

Things I am thankful for

I am healthy. My body is in good working order and I am fully mobile. I do not have to plan my days around whether or not I'll be able to get out of bed. I can afford health and dental insurance, and the time to visit doctors, so that I can stay that way.

I am fed. I can afford to eat three meals a day every day.

I am sheltered. I can afford the luxury of a roomy two-bedroom townhouse all to myself, in a safe neighborhood with good management.

I am employed. I have the freedom to choose my hours. I have the freedom to choose my clothing. I have the freedom to decorate my office space however I choose. I have the freedom of unlimited internet access for whatever I choose. I can do my work without being treated like a schoolchild.

I have a car. I can afford to keep it running.

I have a view. Twice a day every weekday, I drive over the most beautiful salt marsh in the world.

I have time. I can afford to pursue recreation and dreams.

I have good friends all over the world. They take me as I am without insisting that I be something that I am not. They share their days with me and allow me to share mine with them.

I have family. Some of them are beginning to understand that I am happy.


Shawn Powers said...

Great list. Thank you for the nudge, I think I'll do the same and make a list...

PS: I think I'm a NaNoFailMo. This saddens me, but I'm thankful my mortgage doesn't depend on the November novel...

Megadeus said...

Well said. Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

MWT said...


There's still time to make it to 10k! Gogogo! *cracks whip over Shawn*

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Megadeus. :)

Anne C. said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving, MWT! I'm thankful that I am aquainted with you. :)