04 January 2008

And now a moment you've all been waiting for ...

Presenting Poofy Fourth Street, sidekick to my alter ego Aqua Man Edna:

This was drawn by the ever-awesome Megadeus. The exact wording of my art request was: "an octopus riding on the back of a seahorse, wielding a sword, shield, ray gun, and whatever other weaponry comes to mind, dressed in shining armor with bell bottoms. And a cape." I blame the comments on this post for my making such an insane request - but he took it and I'd say did a spectacular job. :D


Megadeus said...

Oh, it looks much better when scaled to that size. I'm glad you enjoy it ^_^

Shawn Powers said...


I love it when, as a collective group, we take things waaaay too far.

Let us not make this a throbbing zombie Poofy Fourth Street.

John the Scientist said...

Nice avatar.

I saw a street vendor in Fukuoka advertising Tako Yaki with something remarkably similar to that.

Still didn't tempt me away from my squid-on-a-stick. Grilled squid is the bomb. Tako Yucki is not.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you're talking about grilling Poofy! He's so cute, and you'd fillet him, baste him and plop him on a grill? (Or her...)

Protect the octopi from exploitation!

John the Scientist said...

Jeri - Tako Yaki is a sort of crab cake, except instead of crab meat, you use octopus. Even at it's freshest, octopus is a little chewy. So Poofy is safe from me.

But the Tako Yaki vendors often emblazon their stalls with cartoon octopithat look a lot like Poofy.

Janiece said...

Well. Wow. I'm just...speechless.

Not really.


No Cape!

Megadeus said...

Anybody ever watch the Nickelodeon show "The Fairly Oddparents?" It's one of my guilty pleasures.

After I was done drawing it, I realized, "Wow, that face looks like their anime-parody style from the Channel Chasers episode."

Anne C. said...

I love it, megadeus! You did a wonderful job. I also love that Poofy's form was born out of one of those crazy creative comment threads. You all are so funny.
MWT, you host a great party. ;)

Nathan said...

That is most excellent.

I grilled some shrimp, scallops and squid for tonight's salad. None of its poofy (or Poofy), and I bought the seafood on 42nd St.

Jim Wright said...

Oh, man, I've been busy for the last couple of days and didn't come by here and look what happens, funny stuff damnit.