26 December 2009

A Visit :)

On Christmas Eve, I had dinner with NeuronDoc, her husband TheHusband, and their daughter ThePinkThing. They were passing through on their way to Florida. As was required by Jewish Christmas traditions, we went to a Chinese buffet. Here's me and NeuronDoc after the meal in the restaurant foyer:

(photo of me was improved upon with some help from Random Michelle. NeuronDoc has her own photo from the event, showing what I look like without being improved upon in any way. >.>)

The food turned out not to have as much variety of Chinese as I had hoped. Usually they do better than that. Otherwise, though, we had an excellent evening and didn't try to strangle each other at all. :)


Janiece said...

Hee. At least you wore your UCF attire!

adrisms: Christmas in the Adriatic Sea.

SGAngel said...

Great Pics..

Anonymous said...

I always knew it - I dids. Always knew there was a reason you didn't post pics a lot - I mean, you shouldn't feel bad ... I am sure there are a lot of paper-bag-headded people in the world :)

neurondoc said...

It was fun, although too short.