19 July 2010

Slice of Life Reprise

After having lived for several years in a place where people commonly did their best to avoid acknowledging my existence, I can't say how nice it is to be somewhere where people actually look at me and sometimes even randomly talk to me like I'm a normal person, and where service staff actually want to help me. Even if they're old white people! Thank you, Bloomington Indiana, for reminding me what that's like - and restoring some faith that there are at least small pockets of midwestern U.S. where people are decent, even to people who aren't exactly like them.

(Slice of Life)


Megadeus said...

Yay for people doing the right thing!

Also, long time no see!

Nathan said...

So glad you're apparently not in the wrong place anymore.


John the Scientist said...

It's a college town. They're all probably filthy liberals.

Go up to Terrible Hole and see how things are.


mattw said...

Yay midwest friendliness!