09 September 2008

Retarded keyboard arrangement of keys

The esc key so needs to move to that blank key above it. -.-

By popular demand, here's some more pictures of my keyboard(s). This one shows where the tilde is located:

And here's the whole keyboard, followed by my home keyboards. The work one is from Sun and goes with a Sunblade running Solaris (unix). The main home one is a wireless that came with my iMac G5. It's a piece of crap compared to the ADB that came with the Powermac in 1996. I really wish Apple would go back to whatever technology/company made their ADB keyboards back then...


Random Michelle K said...

Personally, I find the escape key a letdown.

It's never helped me escape from any situation.

Stupid computers.

Megadeus said...

That *is* odd. Where's your tilde/backtick key?

Eric said...

Tho' you have to admit it's kind of awesome that the "help" key looks like it might be the largest button on the keyboard.

Perhaps you should write the words "don't panic" on the blank key.

Eric said...

Oh, and a question: is the "props" key there so you can tell the computer it did a really good job on something? If you hold it down, does that activate the "mad props" function?

MWT said...

The `/~ key is at the upper right, over the backspace. (I'll put up more pictures in a little while...). That's another thing, incidentally. On my home computer's keyboard, the backspace and \ are reversed, so I'm constantly hitting the wrong one.

I'm not sure what Props is for, but there are very few times I think the computer is doing an outstanding enough job that I'd push a button telling it so. :p In that keyboard section, I do find the cut/copy/paste buttons extremely useful, however.