29 September 2008


1. The empty restaurant building across the street from me now has a sign that says:
Coming Soon
Cajun Grill Cafe
Bourbon Chicken !!

So. More chicken then. But at least it's not the battered and deep-fried kind, like the last two places (that failed there). If it's anything like the one at the mall food court, I'll probably eat there regularly. If not, well, I hope it will serve actual Cajun food, which the mall food court doesn't.

2. I stopped using the shoe lift.

You know how when one of your joints needs to be cracked, it feels sort of itchy and naggy (and eventually stabby) until you crack it? Well, that's what happens to an undefinable spot in the back left of my skull after a few weeks of shoe lifting. The chiropractor couldn't reach it. The backup chiropractor couldn't either. It takes weeks after I stop shoe lifting to work out on its own.

I think I'll save the shoe lift for times when I'm doing lots of touristing.

3. She is a dear, sweet little old lady. She was retired and gone, but says she found it not to her liking. Now she's unretired and back, and watching over us all once more.

4. Good things that have ended sometimes have epilogues and sequels.

Business at their wholesale seafood market is slow but growing steadily. The bun that came in February is now in China. The bun's brother, who was in China, is now here. A few of the original takeout customers have indeed found their way there. And apparently my Mandarin has improved due to those eight months of being unable to communicate with the new takeout staff otherwise.

5. The traffic light that hates me still hates me. For a while I was driving through the shopping center to go through the crosslight without having to make a U-turn. Then for a while it looked like it had changed its ways - so I lost the habit of driving through the shopping center. But it was all just a clever ploy! Now, this past week, it's back to the same inappropriate redness as before. T.T

6. Last year I was paid to skulk around a dormful of sleeping children. Last week they paid me to do it again. Next year I'm penciled in to do it a third time. Who says peace of mind is priceless?

7. Not only can I touch my toes without warming up, after today's yoga class I could touch my thumbs to the floor! Yay progress! :)


Nathan said...

Every once in a while, my chiropractor can't get something to line up, usually because my muscles have knotted up so severely that they're pulling me into a pretzel. When that happens, he sends me to the acupuncture guy, where the needles trick my body into thinking it's comfortable. Works every time.

And the bourbon chicken? I don't know if it's really cajun, but yum!

MWT said...

Hmm... I have a massage therapist for that. Haven't tried acupuncture. Maybe I will sometime just to see what that's all about.

Bourbon chicken is quite a hit in these here parts but I'm more for good gumbos and jambalayas and etouffe's. The place in the mall has a bad token jambalaya and one good etouffe' dish, and everything else is not really cajun at all. No gumbo. :(

mattw said...

The only place I've had bourbon chicken is in Union Station in Chicago and it was pretty good, but I don't know how cajun it really is.

And the traffic lights didn't care for me much this morning.

MWT said...

Traffic lights generally hate me all the time. They like turning red. Sometimes I think I hear snickering.

I don't know if bourbon chicken is a cajun thing so much as just a southern thing. And somehow also a Japanese thing - people expect it to be sold in the Japanese restaurants (and sometimes the Chinese ones too).