10 October 2008


Sometimes it's better just to look at the world around you, enjoy it for what it is while it is, than to try to capture it on film.

This is especially true when you're armed only with a basic, automatic-everything point-and-shoot camera.


Nathan said...

I've always thought that watching a sea of parents videotaping a child's soccer game, graduation, confirmation, whatever...while missing the event was kinda weird.

Yeah, some things should just be experienced.

MWT said...


I come from a family that are trigger happy with their cameras, so I can totally understand that. I once watched a cousin graduate high school that way - she was too busy being herded into various poses for photography, to have time to actually talk to any of her friends, and she looked miserable.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes photography gives those that are socially uncomfortable something to do - it's an outlet. :P

I dislike videotaping - and dislike watching events after the fact caught on videotape, for the most part, unless they're super well edited and cut for length and impact.

But, I have a son who is working toward being a professional photographer someday and he's beginning to see the entire world as a photo opp - I guess it's all in the way you frame it, figuratively and literally.

MWT said...

I guess for people like your son, figuring out how to photograph it is admiring it. That's okay too. ;) Maybe it's all in why you do it.

But for me at least, sometimes it's better to stand in the scene and live and breathe it rather than try to capture it from outside.