18 November 2008

Sunset over the Skidaway River

John Scalzi posted a picture of Sunset in Ohio today, to which Jim Wright counterposted a picture of Sunset in Alaska. In the best tradition of "Oh yeah?" everywhere, here's a picture of Sunset in Coastal Georgia. It may have no baying wolves or lowing mammoths in it, but it's more sunsetty than Jim's. :)

These pictures were taken in mid-September 2007.

And since the "links to this post" feature seems to be nonfunctional, here's a few more sunsets:
Sunset in Colorado
Sunset(?) in NYC
Sunset in Washington


Tania said...

Pretty! I miss living near the water.

mattw said...

That looks really nice.

Random Michelle K said...

(she says as if you had any control over that)

Jim Wright said...

How come the water is liquid? Here in Alaska water comes primarily in solid form.

And are you sure that's actually sunset, and not the glow from the Savannah River Nuclear Site?

MWT said...

Michelle: actually I did tweak the saturation/contrast/brightness on them a tad ... >.>

Jim: hmmm... well now that you mention it ... o.O *checks last year's papers for reports of weird glowy people*

(actually the Savannah River is in the opposite direction from where I was facing. ;) )

Water comes in a solid form? I know nothing of water in solid forms.

Random Michelle K said...

Water comes in a solid form? I know nothing of water in solid forms.

Really? What do you put in your iced tea?

MWT said...

Liquid nitrogen of course. What else? ;)

An Englishman in New York said...

Cool pics. Very nice.