26 October 2008

The road to insanity is in trying to use the ISP's email "features"

They say that one of the signs of insanity is where you keep doing the exact same thing over and over, and expect to get a different result.

What do you call it if you, say, hit the exact same button on Comcast's new SmartZone emailer multiple times and can never get the same result twice? Or, you think you've put the settings one way, and it even says the settings are that way, but they really aren't - so you have to repeat doing them three or four times and then obsessively check that they stay that way?

And have I mentioned how much I hate seeing ads on a service that I'm paying for? Especially if they're extra pushy and reduce functionality?

Comcast email, folks. It was basically nonfunctional when I first signed up for High Speed Internet, and I could only check it from a third-party website (mail2web.com FTW!). Then it was most of the way functional (if slightly irritating) for a good long while. Now it's back to being nonfunctional.


(On the bright side, Comcast is still more functional than Bellsouth's offerings. Over there, they had something like three slightly different glitz-covered websites overlapped on top of each other, and you couldn't find anything, ever, and neither could their phone support.)


vince said...

Egads! I'm with Frontier, and they rarely have problems, for which I am very grateful.

mattw said...

Sounds like Comcast might be the one that's insane for thinking their customers will put up with this kind of thing for a long time.

Anne C. said...

Heh. I was just (on Friday) trying to figure out how to upload a file to my Comcast server space from somewhere not my home computer (where I have all the settings in place). The "help" is the crappiest help I've ever encountered and since they asked for feedback ("did you find what you were looking for?"), I gave it to them. One help would direct me to another help - but not the right page, a home page that I would have to reask the question. And the second help that I was always referred to had NO LINKS to the tools that it was talking about. Finally, I gave up on both "helps" and wandered around 'til I found what I was looking for.
Yeah, Comcast is fine in other respects, but their online presence sucks.

MWT said...

Heh, sounds like the entire Bellsouth site. In addition to not being able to find help for stuff like that, you also couldn't find the billing info and such. Two links that were labelled the same thing on a given page would often go to completely different places.

Anyhoo. ;) Yeah, Comcast is mostly pretty good about piping the Internet to my house, but I wish they'd dump the glitzy news-reels and flash, and just provide straightforward unadorned links to stuff like mail, webspace, etc.