16 February 2009

One of life's little slow-motion mysteries

Today I caused the collapse of a house of cards.

I also learned some disturbing things about a second house of cards. Will it also collapse in the wake of the first one? Or will it remain standing to get bigger until, when it finally does collapse by some other force, its dust will take months to settle instead of only weeks?

And will the house builder ever learn a thing?


Megadeus said...

Any chance we'll get a less obfuscated version of the story here, or will I have to find you in chat?

MWT said...

You'll just have to come to the chat. ;)

mattw said...

People shouldn't build large structures out of cards anyway. They're not the most stable of building materials.

Either way, I hope you weren't too affected by the fall out.

Nathan said...

Credit Cards? I.D. Cards? Playing Cards? Carding Wool? Vacationing in Cardiff? Flunking Cardiology 101? A dash of Cardoman?

Jim Wright said...

I'm a big fan of kicking down card houses.

MWT said...

Matt: hence why it collapsed. ;)

No, I'm not much affected by the fallout. None of these houses were mine, and the dust-settling will probably occur mostly out of my view.

Nathan: I was thinking standard poker cards, but hey! If you want to get creative and build houses out of other things (matchsticks maybe?), go for it. ;)

Jim: Yeah, me too.

The house builder, incidentally, is the same as the guy with the Iraq deployment story. That post I quoted you in is getting a lot of mileage. Thanks again for your comments.

John the Scientist said...

I who this was about as soon as I read the post!