22 February 2009

Azaleas again

Last summer, a bunch of overhanging tree limbs got removed from the fenceline between my apartment building and the patch of woods behind it. They destroyed some of the brush lower to the ground in the process, and I was afraid there wouldn't be any more azaleas.

Well, there aren't any in front of my own patio anymore, but some of the other ones are still alive. They started blooming last weekend:

There are also a couple other colors, but they're farther into the woods and I can't get close enough for good pictures. Here's last year's pictures (which technically weren't actually taken last year, but that's when I posted them ;) ).


kimby said...

We got 5 inches of snow Saturday...so your Azaleas are a welcome sight! Nice to know that not everyone is buried under the white blanket.

Random Michelle K said...

Now that's just cruel! It's 24 and snowing right now, yet it's spring there.

I like winter and all, but I'm jealous your flower pr0n starts before mine!