14 July 2009

News from the Sprouts Farm

At first I was going to make crop circles and other patterns, such as:

It turns out, though, that other people are much better than I am for coming up with patterns to make (*cough* Anne *cough*), so now I'm going the route of Nerd King instead. Here's my first Farm Town Sudoku:

I got the pattern by playing a round of Jigsawdoku, then writing down the numbers at the end. I then assigned nine different crops to the numbers (carrots, peas, tomatoes, rice, wheat, watermelon, potatoes, strawberries, cabbage) and planted accordingly. Voila. :D

In other news, it's high time I did a sequel to my pylon bunny. That one became my trademark on Battlenet and in RPoL's chat. Amongst the UCF, however, I now have: o.O In online chat situations this is a commonly used ascii facial expression, but most UCFers hadn't seen it before I came along, and it became associated with me. Just like the bunny did. Meanwhile, Farm Town seems to have become the official UCF pasttime (even if half the membership have not yet been sucked in). Thus:



neurondoc said...



Anne C. said...

All we have to do to suck John in is make it sound competitive... ;)
Tough to do, since what I like about FT is now non competitive it is.

Thank you for the props and I love your sudoku idea!

Nathan said...


Tania said...

I love checking out the patterns the rest of you make.

I'm content with my two fields and little plots of flowers.

And the cats. Cats roaming everywhere, with only one bunny to chase. Hah!