21 September 2009

My favorite comic strip

I discovered Foxtrot by Bill Amend while I was in grad school. I now own all eleven of the treasury collections. Here's one of my all-time favorites, which came out while Star Wars was also out:

(copied out of Assorted Foxtrot, click to embiggen)

I laughed and laughed at that one, then tacked it to my office wall so I could laugh some more. I still laugh at it. Nothing like three punchlines in one. :)

Sadly, the daily strip is no more (though there are still weekly Sundays). Which is probably just as well - better to end while things are still funny, than to start recycling the same jokes over and over for decades. Here's my favorite strip from the very last treasury, which came out in May:

(copied out of Wrapped-Up Foxtrot, click to embiggen)

More of these are available for browsing at GoComics.


Eric said...

I think my all-time-favorite Foxtrot, although it's horribly, horribly, horribly dated now, is the one Amend did around Halloween the year the first candy-colored iMacs came out in which the kid dresses as an iMac--

"What's so scary about an iMac?"

"I have no floppy drive! I have no floppy drive! Woooo-oooo!"

Enh, maybe you had to be there. Anyway, I still smile when I remember it.

Brilliant comic strip. I still marvel that something so geeky ran in so many papers for so many years.

vince said...

One of my favorites as well. Sadly, I don't have all the Treasury collections. At least not yet.

mattw said...

I never really got into Foxtrot, but there was a time when every day I would have to read a handful of favorites in a certain order before I could get any work done. My cubible was was half covered in comic strips and half covered in pictures of the family. Now, there are just a couple of web comics that I keep up on.

MWT said...

I was there, Eric. ;) I remember that one too. There were lots and lots of good ones.